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Fron quarry, just outside of Y Fron is a small quarry with a fair bit of depth (I last got 36m but need to explore a bit more). Being a steep walled quarry, it’s a little awkward to get into, and might take a few trips to get gear down into it. The bottom is incredibly silty and may suffer from algae in the summer.

Because of its steep walls, Fron doesn’t get lots of light (especially in the winter) so it’s quite dark and very cold. It also doesn’t get dived very often as far as I know, so vis is good when it’s cold.

If you’re planning to dive Fron, take some ropes to help you get down. You might not need them but they’re useful to have and make things a little easier. There is metal rod staked into the ground at the top of the descent which can be used to tie ropes on.

There’s at least one hut in the quarry as well as odd bits old mining gear and the usual trash that ends up in quarries. Not lots to see but worth diving if you’re looking for something a little different.

There is also a tunnel that starts above the surface of the water which disappears into the rock. It’s unknown where it leads to but was presumably used to cart slate out of the quarry.

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Additional Risks

  • Steep descent into quarry
  • Limited road access


Fron Quarry from the edge

From Quarry from the edge
Fron Quarry rough entry path

Fron Quarry rough entry path
Waters edge

Waters edge

Key Metrics

RegionPersonnel AccessRoad AccessDepth (m) *Permission neededLat Long (DD)Elevation (m)
Gwynedd (NW)2/5 Challenging2/5 Challenging38Unknown53.073495,-4.224159317

Site Maps

Fron site map

Fron site map 2019-06-07 (not to scale)

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(Click the ‘Lat/Long’ data in the ‘Key Metrics’ section for Google Maps directions)
By road – Heading south on Tai Newyddion (off the A487) will take you to Y Fron. After passing the chapel and just before you reach Y Fron, turn left and follow the road past some houses and a small green. The turn off is opposite a corrugated steel hut. Keep following the road and eventually it will turn into a grass track which curves around the west side of the quarry. Park up just before the steep slate hill.
To the water – From the parking area, head towards the quarry (there are a few gaps in the barbed wire fence) and watch your step. You will see there is a bit of a “path” with a route down to the water. It involves dropping down a little and traversing some ledges to get to the very small and almost shore like entry point marked on the map.


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