nw-divesites.co.uk is a website dedicated to in-land dive sites in the North Wales and the North-West of England, some of which I have dived, but most of which I aim to visit, determine access availability and ultimately dive and explore.

Llyn Cwmorthin, seen from higher in the quarry

Llyn Cwmorthin, seen from higher in the quarry

The idea of the nw-divesites came about during the closure of Dorothea quarry, which is of course a legendary dive site in North Wales. Dorothea was a favourite of mine, as well as of many others who’ve been diving far, far longer than I have. It has become a mission of mine to find and explore many more dive sites in the coming years, and to collect already existing reports from others who have dived in interesting places in the area.

In order to categorise and share many dive sites I will be working on a dive-site directory, where I will list sites and add as many details as possible, some of which will be speculative and will be continually changed and added to as I visit them.

Since there are many divers with lots of experience diving lakes and quarries in the north west, it would be great to get more information from them too! Eventually I plan to add a contact/submission form, and perhaps some sort of forum, where divers can add to and discuss dives, sites, accessibility etc.