Dive Site Directory

The Dive Site Directory is a list of dive sites in the North-West of England and North Wales. These sites may have been dived, may be known as dive sites or may be completely unknown to the diving community, having only been located on maps. Some of these potential dive sites may not be available to the public or may be extremely difficult to access. However, if there is water, I will likely list the site, for the sake of fruition.


* Depths are left blank if unknown


* Depths are left blank if unknown

Name(s)RegionPersonnel AccessRoad AccessDepth (m) *Permission needed
Aber LasDenbighshire (SE)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Blue PoolGwynedd (S)-/5 Unknown-/5 Unknown20Unknown
Bryn Hall QuarryGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme4/5 Good20Unknown
Cambrian Slate MineDenbighshire (SE)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Cloddfa'r-coed QuarryGwynedd (NW)2/5 Challenging2/5 Challenging46Unknown
Coed Y GlynDenbighshire (SE)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Cornwall QuarryGwynedd (NW)0/5 Extreme1/5 Difficult41No Diving
Croes Y Ddwyafon QuarryGwynedd (C)3/5 Okay1/5 DifficultUnknown
Cwmorthin MineGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownBy Appointment
Dorothea QuarryGwynedd (NW)2/5 Challenging1/5 Difficult104Paid Entry
Ffynnon LlugwyConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 Unknown45Unknown
Fron QuarryGwynedd (NW)2/5 Challenging2/5 Challenging38Unknown
Glanrafon Slate QuarryGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn Aled (not Isaf)Conwy (E)5/5 Excellent5/5 ExcellentNo Diving
Llyn Aled IsafConwy (E)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownNo Diving
Llyn AlwenConwy (E)1/5 Difficult0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn AnafonGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn Arenig FawrGwynedd (E)1/5 Difficult4/5 GoodNo Diving
Llyn BochlwydConwy (W)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn BodgynyddConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn BowyddGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn BranDenbighshire (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn BrenigDenbighshire (W)-/5 Unknown4/5 GoodNo Diving
Llyn BychanConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn Caer EuniConwy (S)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn CelynGwynedd (E)3/5 Okay-/5 Unknown43No Diving
Llyn Coch-hwyadGwynedd (N)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn CoedtyConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownNo Diving
Llyn ConwyConwy (SW)-/5 Unknown-/5 Unknown5Unknown
Llyn CowlydConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 Unknown70Unknown
Llyn CrafnantConwy (W)-/5 Unknown5/5 Excellent22No Diving
Llyn CwellynGwynedd (NW)5/5 Excellent5/5 Excellent37Unknown
Llyn Cwm BychanGwynedd (SW)-/5 Unknown2/5 ChallengingUnknown
Llyn Cwm DulynGwynedd (NW)4/5 Good3/5 OkayNo Diving
Llyn CwmffynnonGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme5/5 ExcellentUnknown
Llyn CwmorthinGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown2/5 ChallengingBy Appointment
Llyn CwmystradllynGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn CyfynwyDenbighshire (E)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn CynwchGwynedd (S)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn DinasGwynedd (N)5/5 Excellent5/5 Excellent7Unknown
Llyn DubachGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn DulynConwy (W)0/5 Extreme0/5 Extreme58Unknown
Llyn Eiddew-mawrGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn EigiauConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 Unknown10Unknown
Llyn FfynhonnauGwynedd (NW)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn Ffynnon-y-gwasGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn GeirionyddConwy (W)4/5 Good4/5 Good15Unknown
Llyn GlangorsConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn GlaslynGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn Glyn RhonwyGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeNo Diving
Llyn GoddionduonConwy (W)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn GwerydDenbighshire (E)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn GwyddiorGwynedd (N)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn GwynantGwynedd (NW)-/5 Unknown5/5 Excellent15Unknown
Llyn HywelGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn IdwalGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 Extreme10Unknown
Llyn LlenyrchGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn LlydawGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn LlywelynGwynedd (NW)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn MairGwynedd (C)4/5 Good4/5 Good2Unknown
Llyn ManodGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn Marchlyn BachGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn Marchlyn MawrGwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeNo Diving
Llyn MelynllynConwy (W)0/5 Extreme0/5 ExtremeUnknown
Llyn MorwynionGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn MynyllodConwy (S)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn Nantlle UfachGwynedd (NW)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn NewyddGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn OgwenGwynedd (N)4/5 Good5/5 Excellent3Unknown
Llyn PadarnGwynedd (N)5/5 Excellent4/5 Good30Unknown
Llyn PerisGwynedd (N)5/5 Excellent4/5 GoodNo Diving
Llyn Tecwyn IsafGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown3/5 OkayUnknown
Llyn Tecwyn UchafGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown1/5 DifficultNo Diving
Llyn TegidGwynedd (E)-/5 Unknown-/5 Unknown42Unknown
Llyn TrawsfynyddGwynedd (C)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn TrywerynGwynedd (E)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn VyrnwyGwynedd (N)5/5 Excellent5/5 ExcellentUnknown
Llyn Y CwrtConwy (E)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Llyn Y DywarchenGwynedd (NW)5/5 Excellent5/5 ExcellentUnknown
Llyn Y Gader (not Bach)Gwynedd (NW)2/5 Challenging2/5 ChallengingUnknown
Llyn Y Gader BachGwynedd (NW)1/5 Difficult-/5 Unknown9Unknown
Llynnau Cwm SilynGwynedd (NW)0/5 Extreme4/5 Good20Unknown
Llynnau MymbyrConwy (W)3/5 Okay5/5 Excellent9Unknown
Moel Tryfan QuarryGwynedd (NW)4/5 Good2/5 ChallengingUnknown
Pen Y GwrydGwynedd (N)4/5 Good5/5 ExcellentUnknown
Penrhyn QuarryGwynedd (N)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Porth Yr OgofPowys (SW)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Talysarn QuarryGwynedd (NW)0/5 Extreme2/5 Challenging80No Diving
Twyl Mawr QuarryGwynedd (NW)2/5 Challenging1/5 Difficult53No Diving
Unknown CFlintshire (SE)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Unknown DGwynedd (NW)-/5 Unknown-/5 UnknownUnknown
Vivian QuarryGwynedd (N)5/5 Excellent5/5 Excellent18Paid Entry