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Cloddfa’r-coed Quarry, next to Talysarn and to the south-west of Dorothea Quarry appears from the surface to be a lake. It has an initially very shallow sloping shore, leading away from the wooded surroundings. After a swim over the shallow section, the bottom suddenly becomes a constant 45 degree slope, all the way to the bottom at around 46m.

The bottom of the quarry is extremely dark and silty, with not much to see. The far side has some rock faces to traverse and there is at least one hut that we’ve found. There is also a couple of large wooden ladders and some other odd bits to see.

Though entry and exit from the water are very easy, the nearest place to park is a considerable walk from the quarry and thus a trolley or similar is recommended for hauling equipment along the path.

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Cloddfa'r-coed Quarry Looking up towards Talysarn

Cloddfa’r-coed Quarry Looking up towards Talysarn
Cloddfa'r-coed Quarry Silty Floor

Cloddfa’r-coed Silty Floor

Key Metrics

RegionPersonnel AccessRoad AccessDepth (m) *Permission neededLat Long (DD)Elevation (m)
Gwynedd (NW)2/5 Challenging2/5 Challenging46Unknown53.052768,-4.251325101

Site Maps

Cloddfa’r-coed site map 2019-06-07

Cloddfa’r-coed site map 2019-06-07 (Not to Scale)


(Click the ‘Lat/Long’ data in the ‘Key Metrics’ section for Google Maps directions)
Though car parking is limited, it is easy to get to. Just south of Talysarn, where the B4418 connects it, there is a small lay-by which will fit two or three cars. from there equipment can be carried to the quarry by passing south of the BMX park and following the path down to the right-hand side of the water. The path is fairly obvious and is marked by some steps up from the lay-by. There is a nice area to stow kit and enter the water, marked on the site map.
Please note, the site map is not to scale and is based on limited information and estimates. Depths are in meters.

Additional Risks

  • Fairly deep and cold


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