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Bryn Hall Quarry is a small but deep quarry with extremely difficult access. Other than the very steep and high quarry walls there is, to my knowledge, no other way to enter the quarry. If this is the case, it seems as though climbing equipment would be necessary.

There are many reports of diving here in the past and reports about depth vary from 20m to 55m. Personally, I have not been able to find out much about this quarry. Two divers have lost their lives in the quarry and diving is not advised (if even still possible).

The water is allegedly extremely cold year-round with poor vis near the bottom and high risk of entanglement due to large amounts of dumped barbed wire and military equipment.


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Key Metrics

RegionPersonnel AccessRoad AccessDepth (m) *Permission neededLat Long (DD)Elevation (m)
Gwynedd (N)0/5 Extreme4/5 Good20Unknown53.202581,-4.051459243

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Additional Risks

  • Extremely Difficult Access
  • High Risk of Entanglement
  • Poor Visibility
  • Very Cold


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